Developer Gives Update on What to Expect Before Launch

The Open Beta begins on next week

Battlefield 2042 fans were a bit concerned as developers Electronic Arts and DICE stopped giving official updates. Whatever news they received were from YouTubers or other leakers on Twitter. This comes after the grand reveal and the consistent updates at the start. This caused many to wonder if the developers hit some kind of roadblock. Fortunately, all doubts were laid to rest.

Developer’s statement

Battlefield 2042

A fan’s tweet regarding the game was answered by designer Frederik Drabert, who is actively working on the game. According to him, the game is currently at a point where it’s quite enjoyable. After that, he mentioned that they are currently polishing it further for a smoother launch. He finished by saying that they’re “smoothing out the rough edges.”

We can see if DICE has done a good job next week when the Battlefield 2042 open beta launches. The game will go live from October 8 and goes through October 9. However, for the ones who pre-ordered it, the game will go live on October 6.

The game will release as a whole on November 19, and will be available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Cheater’s ban rules

Battlefield 2042

DICE recently took to their extensive community charter to explain the new methods of banning. They said it’s now easier and faster to flag the players who break the rules than in previous titles. The action can be completed in-game.

DICE also mentioned about the queries if past cheaters had got any action taken against them. They said that you will now be contacted by email when action is taken against the player you reported.

Any player who gets their account banned will be instantly disconnected from the match, and banned across all platforms. DICE also has the ability to block them based on their IP and hardware.

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