“Lalisa” Becomes the First Single by a Soloist to Fastest Achieve 100 Million Views

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has taken YouTube by Storm!

Lisa has a new record on YouTube!

BLACKPINK’s “LALISA” is taking the world by storm!. The singer’s debut album was released two days back on 10th September. The singer also released her music video for the album’s first track “Lalisa”. The video has become trending on YouTube and has become the fastest to reach 100 million views on YouTube. The singer has set the record of becoming the first soloist to gain 100 million views on a music video.

Although YouTube is yet to confirm this record. The music video hit 100 million views in its first 49 hrs. This has set the record for any solo artist to reach this many views after the release in 24 hrs. The K-Pop star managed to gain an impression of over 64 million views in its 20 hrs of release. The song is a hip-hop track mixed with traditional Thai-style sounds. The song is a heartfelt tribute to the artist’s Thai culture.

Where else is she taking the lead?

The storm doesn’t just stop here, Lalisa is also dominating the iTunes charts across the globe with her new single. The singer has already hit number 1 in 60 different countries as confirmed by YG Entertainment. The record for any solo artist to gain 100 million views was previously held by PSY’s “Gentleman”. But this record looks like it is beaten by BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

The song has impressive rap skills by the singer which has unlocked a new level of confidence for her and an amazing popping dance routine.


The singer has also performed her first solo single for the first time on NBC’s Jimmy Fallon.

Congratulations to Lisa on such an impressive success for her solo debut!

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