Rick and Morty’s Newest Episode Features Community Star as Captain Planet Parody

Rick and Morty’s newest episode has a familiar voice in a brand new character with Alison Brie. In this installment, the Community actress is playing a Captain Planet doppelganger named Planetina. Rick and Morty fans have been looking forward to this pastiche since the season was announced. There are some “Tina-teers” to play off of the other Captain Planet shenanigans. (Things get a bit weird, but of course, they do, it’s the only way Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland know how to get down.) Community actors are a sure bet to be around at some point with the previous work with the show’s creators. Still, among all the mainstays, Brie occupies a certain special place among the fanbase because of how memorable Annie could be in some of the episode’s plots. You can probably bet that there will be some people talking about her appearance as Planetina this week.

Harmon actually went to Instagram to hype today’s episode and goof on the idea of superheroes a bit. A very well-worn bit of parody for the Rick and Morty.

“My favorite thing about tonight’s incredible episode of ‘Rick and Morty’ is that the voice of Planetina is the voice of The Wasp from ‘Marvel’s Avengers Academy,’ who in real life married the voice of Tony Stark from ‘Avengers Academy.’ That game didn’t just change the lives of everyone playing it. AND the guy that wrote tonight’s episode, [Rob Schrab], directed that same actor, [Alison Brie], in the Law and Order and Meow Meow Beans episodes of Parks and Rec! It’s a small world but it’s worth fighting for, which you’ll see tonight at 11PM EST, after you type the username and password for your oldest relative’s “cable provider” into your nearest appernet! Then watch Tuca and Bertie,” he explained.

“A Rickconvenient Mort” sees Morty suddenly infatuated with Planetina as she tries to save the world from pollution. In the B-plot, Rick and Summer go on an apocalypse tour to have some hedonism out on various planets doomed to extinction. It was a wild time and next week figures to be even more strange.

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